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a newsletter about microdosing joy in a sucky-ass world

by Rubi McGrory

The Iridescent Ordinary is a weekly newsletter shimmering with the possibility that every day, no matter how sucky it is, we can find a burst of joy, a micro-dose if you will.

A lot of -isms are dragging humanity down. I’m looking at you capitalism, jingoism, racism, sexism, and assholism. It simply isn’t possible to defeat all of the forces of evil and make it through the day, but we can create little pockets of joy. Keep them, share them, treasure them, let them go—whatever. The important thing is to create these little moments and/or take notice of them.

What you can expect from Iridescent Ordinary:

  • Tons of good ideas

  • At least one spit-take

  • Googly eyes

  • Original art

  • Crappy drawings

  • Things that look like faces

  • Pocket cheese

  • Random photographs

  • Stickers

  • Occassional swearing

  • Dresses with pockets!

  • Occassional woo-woo shit

  • Venn diagrams

  • Occasional digital art from my 7 y.o. nephew disguised as abstract art

  • Cameos from a 15 year old McDonald’s cheeseburger named Patty

What you won’t see

  • Productivity hacks

  • Cleaning tips

  • Election talk

  • Sports chat

  • Beige

  • Stock photos

  • Dieting advice

Every Sunday, meet me in your inbox for a burst of sparkling wisdom, utter absurdity, and/or survival tips about how to create joy and something close to hope or meaning in your life through the little things we do every day.

I have severe attention span issues, so I won’t be taking up too much of your time.

I’m always open to ideas, suggestions, collaborations, cheese, snacks, and field trips.


I am Rubi McGrory: middle child, Gen X, Year of the Dog, projector, enneagram type 4, ENFP, ADD/ADHD, Gemini-rising Aquarian. Also, I am an artist, writer, and chef (among other things). I marry people for money.

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