Sitemap - 2021 - Iridescent Ordinary

Your Personal Cartographer/Choreographer

Intention Setting, the Next Chapter

Screw Resolutions

Rest Is the Rizzle for the Sizzle


Amy Cappelo Rests like a Boss

Deep Play & Hypnagoging

Rest, Assured

The Rest is History

What's on Your Mix

Cranberry Moments

Dr. Stephanie Socks It to Us

Hip Hip Hooray?

Bah Humbug to Happiness and Joy

A November Welp

Snacks for Your Soul

The Shadow of Gratitude

Twirl to Reset

The Unbearable Cuteness of Seagull Footprints

Like A Filmstrip for 2021

Thank You for Not Being Sorry

this will not go down on your permanent record

Three Little Birds

I Will Never Say "Attitude of Gratitude."

I'm So Grateful You Didn't Roll Your Eyes

It's "System Maintenance"

Encomium for Sunrise

Forest Jam for your Nature Itch

Element-ary, my dear...

Free Snacks

A Wee Bit of Science

Happy New Sponge Day

Don't Put All of Your Yoni Eggs In One Basket

Necessary Snacks

Strategic Goofing off

A World Straight into Your Ears

On Synergy and Serendipity

50 Cups of Coffee

Handbag Inventory

A Big Neighborhood Adventure

Things Are Getting Curioser and Curioser

Getting Squishy with It

An Intervention

Did You Drink Your Lemon Water Today?

Winning Is for Paper, Rock, Scissors

You're Grounded

I'm Taking the Wheel

Introducing My Monkeys

Screw the Monkeys

Where Do You Go When You're Not Here?

You are here

In Medias Res

Not All Travel Is Vacation

Are Technical Difficulties A Feature and Not a Bug?

Manky Soil and Spiteful Trees

You are a metaphor

I Did A Thing, Now You Do A Thing

Meditation aka The Infinite Ice Cream Sundae Bar

I Don't Need No Rhyme

The Art of Making Lists (or Sandwiches)

Hoop LA LA

Noodles (tickled) and Hoops (Hula-ed)

An Ace that You Can Keep

Journaling 101

100 pearls: luminous and mediocre

More Hydrating, Less Piddling

Making Good Cookie Choices

repeat after me "I Have A Daily Practice."

the art of the daily practice